Velox V10 ''WC'' 2018 Touring Car Kit

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We are happy to release the brandnew Velox V10 “WC2018”
Based on the successful Velox V10 "WC" platform the latest car kit has been developed in close cooperation with our team drivers as well as club level racers from all over the world.
Including all the new parts that were already succesfully used at the European Championship, the Euro-Nitro-Series and many other races around we gave our best to make the Shepherd Velox V10 WC2018
an easy to drive, reliable, efficent and easy to work on car.
Updated brake discs allow a better air-flow by reducing the contact surface between the differential and the brake discs resulting in a cooler and more efficent and constant brake feeling even under hot and high grip conditions. Additionally we have been able to further reduce the rotating mass of one of the most efficent drivetrain on the market.
The front end comes with updated new front upper arm mounts that have undergone a redesign.
Raised by 1 millimeter the upper arm eliminates any ‘dynamic camber gain’ when mounted in the top position which increases the corner speed under very edgy track conditions.
The front upper arms mounts now form a good unity with the radio plate while more space to work on the front differential and the anti-roll bar was realized. 
The rear end comes with an updated anti-roll bar that is mounted more outside on the rear lower arm. Without the use of a pivot-ball the anti-roll bar now has almost no play resulting in a more direct operation.
To take in account the new position as well as the different mounting system we also updated the thickness of all available variants. In the kit included is a 2.1mm anti-roll bar while a 1.9mm and a 2.3mm wire are available optional.
Nevertheless also the traditional pivot-ball style anti-roll bar can be used.
New reinforced rear lower arms sport a new mounting hole for the updated anti-roll bar while the material has also been improved.
An updated carbon structure of the radioplate make the car more easy to drive under highgrip condition while und low grip conditions the traction is improved.
The one-way adapter has been reshaped to get rid of material reducing the rotating mass of the drive-train for a better acceleration.
Additional o-rings now prevent the body mount plates from falling off.
Rounding out all the features new Shepherd Velox V10 WC2018 comes with the formerly optional hardcoated aluminium diff pins as standard to further reduce the rotating mass.
All these parts in combination with well proven features like the Direct-V-Brake, an extra small servo saver and the Velox Revolutionary Shocks make the V10 platform even stronger.
New features:
- light-weight ventilated brake discs
- redesigned front upper arm mounts
- new rear anti-roll bar
- updated rear lower wishbones
- new radioplate carbon material
- redesigned 2-speed one-way adapter
- additoinal o-rings for body mounts
- aluminium diff pins
General features:
- Innovative “Direct-V-Brake System”
- Ball raced front and rear anti-roll bars
- Hollowed lightweight 2-speed shaft
- Symmetrical chassis plate
- Front lower wishbone with adjustable roll-center settings
- Front and rear belt tension adjustable without disassembly
- Wheel axles mounted from the outside for easy maintenance and set-up
- Top mounted fuel tank with adjustable volume
- Front and rear CVDs made of spring steel
- Hard-coated aluminium pinions
- “Velox Competition Clutch” with extra strong spring
- Well-proven “Velox Revolutionary Shock System”
The standard blue kits as well as a small quantity of black editions are available from 8th of January on!


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