Velox V8.2

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Team Shepherd is proud to present the new Velox V8.2. Based on the World and European Championship winning Velox V8 "WC" platform, the latest development of
Shepherd Micro Racing is characterized by the use of high quality materials as well as precise manufacturing and comes easier to maintain, lighter, better and even faster.

New features:
The completely new designed chassis with improved flex characteristics and optional carbon fiber inserts allows for better aerodynamics through a closed underbody.
Pronounced chamfering gives even more room for chassis movement on fast cornering. Additionally the chassis now has intakes for balancing tools in the front and the rear.
The smaller battery holder fits logically into the lines of the vehicle.
New reinforced 2-speed bulkheads supporting the 2-speed shaft and ensure perfect concentricity.
The new radioplate mount now includes bigger screws for secure locking of the roll bar and features additional space for the battery cable.
The new lighter servo saver is completely made of high quality aluminum material.
Because of its much smaller size it needs significantly less space in the vehicle allowing more freedom of movement of all linkages.
The new front upper suspension bracket now forms a unit with the new carbon radio plate.
Redesigned front brackets can be attached to the front bulkhead with an additional screw.
Together with the new radio plate it allows completly new flex options.
The front upper and lower wishbones have been changed.
The wheelbase can now be shortened 2mm more then before. The hinge pin of the lower wishbones have been downsized resulting in lower weight without compromising stability.
New front downstop-system and new lower hinge pin brackets with inserts:
The downstop screw is now integrated into the new front lower wishbones. Front hinge pin bracket now also function as the downstop. Its unique design allowes for easy access and less parts.
In addition, the length of the lower wishbones can now be adjusted by plastic inserts in three different positions.
Revised front and rear uprights with mounting holes for optional carbon fiber 'Aerodiscs'.
The new front uprights can now be used on both sides.
They also carry the new optional plastic eccentrics and feature additional possibilities for the Ackermann linkage.
In the rear optional inserts allow smaller and lighter bearings.

Precise machining at strategically important points ensures even lower weight of the new pulley adapters with perfect true running.
The rear carbon shocktower and the carbon centering plate had undergone a revision.
Excessive mounting holes of the rear shock absorber have been removed and the shocktower has been redesigned to accommodate the new and fresh look of the Velox V8.2.

Also the rear body mount has been revised.The hinge pins of the rear body mount can now be secured with a single screw allowing for faster assembly and disassembly.

Additional new features:
- new break lock nut for attachment with the help of a standart 17 mm wrench
- lightweight aluminium anti-roll bar bushings
- reinforced front shock tower
- harcoated aluminum axles front and rear with CVD drive shafts
- Team Edition "reverse" clutch with yellow clutch shoe
- lightweight redesigned aluminium pivotball anti-roll bar nuts
- new black shock springs
- longer front bumper for better fitting of latest bodies

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